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"I just wanted to say what a great concept. Following the five steps in the book are great for any relationship! For once i feel i can express myself in a practical, yet impactful way... thank you for providing this unique way of communication!"  -Jenny K 

"I plan on journaling with my son once a month.... he and I are using the ConnectingLives book and concept as a tool to help build our relationship."  -Susan T

"Connecting lives has helped me communicate my feelings in such an open way to my husband and the qoutes are great, they really express what your looking for when beginning to write. My husband has been able to write back, when its been difficult in person trying to share our feelings and frustrations with some things in our life right now. Our connections have allowed us to then speak in person and be more sensitive to one another and really try to hear each other. Its been great. So thank you for making it easier to talk!"  -Michele R Dallas, TX

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